official media release:
Yokohama Japan. June 8th,

Skate/Fixed gear bike crew K@NT! is pleased to announce the addition of Yu Yanagimachi

More than decade of building his talent as a skateboarder and winning the reputation of the 「日本一の曲者スケーター」 also the pionner of the 「ストカク」.

Yu is currently in rehabilitation for recent knee injury.

He will be back in fullforce by this August.

Yu has been in the spotlight for his entire career doing everything from progressive DVD part, to TRANSWORLD SKATE's interview issue, iPhone photo exibition and he is excited to keep doing so with his new setup in the years to come.

"He is really creative and super excited to have him involved with the crew. He will definitely have a hand in shaping it for years to come." added ruitek, member of K@NT!and founder of the ruitekSB.

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