support your local hero

as you may or not know, i've started skateboarding about a month ago.

actually "get back on the skate" is the right words i would say.

i had a solid yellow plastic skateboard when i was a kid, just like many others do.

anyway, i'm back on the deck now.

since then, i made a lot of new great people including the infamous ruitekSB's team riders.

i'm lucky to meet someone like yu, he is one of my "new"friend.

it's better to say ぱいせん to show him some respect.

he is one of the most talented skateboarder and pionnier of street cocktail in japan.

if you check out the latest transworld skateboard mag on the shelf right now....

hey, i put up the image of the front cover for you so you can run down to book store now.

i mean now.

right now.

you'll find his exclusive interview pages in this issue! hell yeah!

his artical took 8 pages! full color of course.

now you are very 気になる about this hah?

go get a copy for your self.

support our local hero.

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